Top 6 Best Yield Lab Grow Tent [With Buying Guide]

Hey Guys, In this article we will mention you Top 6 Best Yield Lab Grow Tent. I promise that these tents are the best tents from yield lab on the planet, even some of our buyers have said that these tents are performing even better than expensive tents from any other grow tent company.


Yield lab- when you think of these two words, the first thing that appears to mind is “grow tents”! The magic and jaw-dropping grow tents. The company has produced only seven grow tents, but I assure you that they are of the highest quality.

Acknowledged for instant results and exclusive material. Even though they are less known worldwide, they are a real gold mine. You can store a lot of dollars because yield lab grow tents are also low-priced. Without any further ado, let’s take a look at these six products.

1. Yield Lab 32″ x 32″ x 63″ Grow Tent

Yield Lab Grow Tent with Viewing Window

This yield lab grow tent will create the perfect conditions. You will obtain fast and fabulous outcomes. This confined edition of grow tents is selling very fast. Quickly check the characteristic below to see what it’s all about.

Keep the light inside perfectly. The culture will benefit from permanent sunlight. The thick material, together with the reflective mylar lining, will perfectly keep the light inside. Also, fabulous zippers will not permit light leaks.

Special metal poles are extremely long-lasting. They will give the culture the security they desire. This yield lab grow tent will not collapse, producing the perfect ambiance for germination.

Deluxe Velcro Sealed Window will let you observe your culture without compromising its environment. It will also keep insects at bay and improve ventilation.

The plants will benefit from pure air every time!

Clean your tent quickly, with help of the detachable floor tray. It is simple to use. Even a child can clean the tent. Just remove the tray, remove the contents, and the tent will be clean again.

It can be installed in any room of your home. It is easy to assemble. The metal poles intertwine without problems.

It managed to reach an incredible 4.4-star rating from over 200 customers. Even if “yield lab grow tents” are less known, they will fulfill your desires.



  • No durable at all

2. Yield Lab 48″ x 24″ x 60″ Grow Tent

Yield Lab 48" x 24" x 60" Grow Tent

Ideal for raising plants inside your house. It can also be used in the garden. The culture will benefit from excellent conditions. The outside environment or the seasons do not influence the inside ambiance.

This yield lab grow tent perfectly keeps the light inside. Fabricated of tear-proof material and lined with reflective mylar to provide robust light crops. The results will be fast. If you are an amateur, there is no problem. The product is straightforward to use.

Sturdy and safe.

Don’t worry!

The tent will collapse. It can hold up to 100lbs so that you can store your flowers without problems.

The plants will benefit from fresh air. The ventilation of the tent is fabulous due to the observation window. It also makes it simple to look inside, so the plants will not be disturbed.

If you encounter frequent issues cleaning other grow tents, well, this will not bother you. It is simple to clean, thanks to the waterproof floor tray. As an extra quality, the tray is also detachable. Just remove the contents from inside, and the tent will be like new.

Assembly is simple. The package contains an instruction manual, but you will not need it. Put your tools aside because you won’t need them. The metal poles are easily connected.

Finally, I want to present the opinion of other people. It has over 230 customers on Amazon, gathering a 4.4-star rating. Consider yourself lucky to have found this excellent more lacing or packages—more places for yield lab grow tents. Here is a link below that will direct you to the product.


  • Lightproof
  • Reflective mylar
  • Sturdy
  • Simple to assemble
  • Detachable floor tray
  • Viewing window
  • Great for beginners


  • Less durable
  • Zippers aren’t durable

3. Yield Lab Grow Tent 78″ x 78″ x 78″

Yield Lab 78 x 78 x 78 Grow Tent

Ideal for raising plants inside your home or garden. It is significant, compact, and lasting. You can cut a lot of plants indoors, of all categories. They will evolve fast in a splendid atmosphere.

It is lined inside with reflective mylar that will create the perfect light for your culture. On the outside, Yield lab grow tents thought of putting a thick and resistant material. It does its job perfectly, does not let the light get out of the tent, and offers resistance to the tent.

The resistance is amplified by thick metal poles. It supports this excellent tent so that culture will be secure. They can evolve in a pleasant environment.

If you want to place the tent in your garden, there is no problem. Insects will not enter the interior excellent due to the Yield lab’s components to this product.

It is capable of holding up to 100lbs. You can install any LEDs you want, but I recommend buying the LEDs produced by those from the Yield lab.

Simple to construct and use. Even if you are a beginner, don’t worry. The tent is simple to install; no tools are required.

The air inside will always be clean. The observation window will improve air circulation. It will help you to observe your culture without changing their environment. Cleaning is also facile. The yield lab grow tent has a detachable floor tray.

To facilitate your research, we have attached below a button that will direct you to the product. Check down!


  • Ideal for amateurs
  • Simple to clean
  • Lightproof
  • Waterproof reflective mylar
  • Fast installation
  • Good material
  • Observation window
  • Great ventilation


  • Zippers can break sometimes

4. Yield Lab 60″ x 60″ x 78″ Grow Tent

Yield Lab 60" x 60" x 78" Grow Tent with Viewing Window – for Indoor, LED, T5, CFL, HPS, CMH – Hydroponic, Aeroponic, Horticulture Growing Equipment

If you want to raise your flowers indoors, this yield lab grow tent is suitable. It produces the perfect conditions for the culture to grow. You can also install it in the garden. The indoor environment is not affected by outdoor temperature or seasons. Insects will not be able to enter the tent so that the culture can grow safely.

Safe and durable.

Metal poles add strength to the tent. It will not collapse, keeping the flowers in a warm atmosphere.

The outer cloth is thick and long-lasting. It will not let light get out from inside. It is tear-proof so that you can use the tent without any problems. Inside, it is lined with reflective mylar that amplifies light. The zippers are lasting and do not permit light leaks. Thus, the culture will benefit from good light every time.

Yield lab grow tents wanted to add an observation window to the tent. It improves ventilation, giving the plants clean air. At the same time, with the assistance of the observation window, you can see your culture without changing their condition.

Cleaning is straightforward and fast. The detachable floor tray makes cleaning simple like ABC. Just take the tray out, remove the contents and insert the tray inside. The tent will be clean again. The tray is also waterproof.

Finally, I want to tell you about assembling the tent. I don’t want to stretch. Assembly is simple; even a 12-13-year-old can do it. No tools are required.

As you noticed above, the tent has all the elements you require. It creates perfect factors for fast and healthy growth. The tent can be bought from Amazon, where it has gathered incredible results from other customers.


  • Perfect for indoor growing
  • Reflective mylar
  • Waterproof
  • Lightproof
  • Easy to install
  • Simple to clean
  • Observation window
  • Great ventilation


  • Zippers aren’t smooth
  • Some customers have problems with metal poles

5. Yield Lab 96″ x 48″ x 78″ Grow Tent

Yield Lab Grow Tent 96" x 48" x 78"

Store your flowers in maximum safety. This yield grow tent is roomy so that you can raise a lot of plants. I recommend you set up this tent in your garden. Insects will not be able to enter the tent, and the indoor environment is not affected by the outside temperature.

After purchasing the tent, the first step you need to do is construct it. The process is simple, with no tools required. You can completely assemble the tent in less than 20 minutes.

Store time and money by buying a yield lab grow tent. You will get fast results due to the factors that this product produces. The magic temperature for growth. Sturdy light due to the reflective mylar lining and permanently clean air.

The thick cloth on the outside will provide strength to the tent. It is resistant to breakage, so the light will not be able to get out. Also, the zippers will improve the light because they do not permit light leaks.

The observation window will make it simple to look inside. You will not need to open the tent, affect the environment or disturb the condition of the culture.

Cleaning is simple.

The package contains a detachable floor tray. Remove the tray, remove the contents, and the tent will be incredibly clean. This process takes very little time.

As you noticed above, this yield lab grow tent has all the elements you need. You are lucky to have found this magical product, so without any further ado, check out the link below.


  • Great ventilation
  • Keep insects away
  • Easy to install
  • Lightproof
  • Waterproof
  • Simple to clean
  • Great for beginners
  • Observation window


  • Zippers can cause you problems
  • Not durable at all

6. Yield Lab 48″ x 48″ x 78″ Grow Tent

Yield Lab Grow Tent 4x4

A perfect size grow tent for beginners and experts. It can be placed inside your house without problems and also in an outdoor garden. Insects will not be able to enter the tent. The temperature will be maintained incredibly well in the tent because this yield lab grow tent is not affected by the outside environment.

Fabricated with great cloth, this tent will not let the light come out of the tent. Zippers have a significant impact on this yield lab grow tent because it helps keep light. The reflective Mylar lining is waterproof. It will amplify and drastically increase the light in the tent.

As you can see in the picture, the tent has an observation window. It improves ventilation, always offering the flowers clean air. At the same time, it permits you to visualize your culture quickly. You will no longer need to open the tent and disturb the condition of the gliders.

The metal poles are durable, so this yield lab grow tent will keep the plants safe. Don’t worry because the tent will collapse.

Cleaning the tent is simple; the—more placing for packages contains a detachable floor tray. It gathers all the leftovers. Remove the tray, clean it, and put it back. I guarantee the grow tent will be like new.

Don’t think about how to assemble the tent. Anyone can perform the installation, even a child. The poles are easy to join. The tools are not necessary. In any case, if you have problems, consult the instruction manual.

You can find this yield lab grow tent on amazon. Most of the clients were satisfied with the services offered. Only a minor percentage reported the defect (Check “cons”).


  • Great cloth
  • Reflective mylar
  • Good zippers
  • Sturdy
  • Viewing window
  • Facile to clean
  • Ideal for indoor growers
  • Simple to install


  • Not durable at all
  • Zippers aren’t smooth

Buying Guide:

Buying a GROW TENT requires great responsibility. When it is about Yield Lab Grow Tents, too much work will not be needed. All Yield Lab Grow Tents are extraordinary, so do not worry. Mainly they are the elements you have to respect:

  • To check the exterior and interior material
  • Be careful about the quality of metal poles. Be sure the cost of resist
  • Great ventilation systems and the tent need to be long-lasting

I can assure you that all Yield Lab Grow Tents respect these criteria. You can see this in the review above.

I recommend you read all reviews, including negative ones. You can make a better idea of how these tents work. I recommend you place the tent in an outdoor garden—more information about the tents you have above.


Are Yield lab grow tents suitable for indoor growing?

Yes, you can install the grow tent inside the house without any problems. It will raise your culture quickly, even indoors. In short, you can install the tent anywhere, but it would be ideal for placing it in an outdoor garden.

How many plants can a Yield lab store?

There are several dimensions that Yield lab grow tents make available to you. Buy the size you want.

How to install a Yield lab grow tent?

All tents are simple to install. There will be no tools required to assemble this type of tent. If you have problems, there are a lot of informative videos or use the instruction manual.


Here you are at the end of this review. As you noticed above, you have presented above the six yield lab grow available tents. I can assure you that they are of high quality.

This review was done after lengthy research. We have tried to highlight both the advantages and the defects of the products to help you with packages more lacing, or your choice.

Choose what you want; the same brand produces all tents, so expect similar results. I hope I have helped you with this review. Thanks for reading! Any problem you have, please address it to us in the comments section.

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