Vivosun vs Gorilla Grow Tent – What should I buy? [Updated]

Hey guys, In this article we’ll explore Vivosun vs Gorilla Grow Tent (Side-by-side) Genuine Comparison. We will also share Best Choices for both companies to go with without any second thought.

vivosun vs gorilla grow tent

When we think about grow tents, Vivosun & Gorilla are the first companies that cross our minds. Vivosun vs Gorilla grow tent – Which one is better? They are companies that fabricate products that make indoor gardening easier.

Below, we present all the Pros and Cons between Vivosun grow tent vs Gorilla grow tent. Read the text carefully, and I’m sure you will get an idea about their products. Without any further ado, let’s jump into the article.

Differences between Vivosun & Gorilla

These are 2 brands that produce a lot of sales on Amazon. Both manufacture quality tents, giving you the best indoor experience.

Several differences between these two companies can make beginner gardeners confused. Well, I’m here to help you make the right decision about these two companies.

Some people prefer Vivosun, and others prefer Gorilla.

Gorilla grow tents add to their products some extra features that the vivosun grow tent doesn’t have. For example, Gorilla adds to their grow tents a growth kit that allows you to add 1″ or 2″ to the tent’s height.

Both companies were founded in California.

Their purpose is to facilitate the process of indoor gardening.

Vivosun guarantees quality, durability & intelligent product at a reasonable price. Vivosun grow tents create ideal growing conditions for all plants, the perfect product for every grower, even novices.

Gorilla is a brand that is known for its strong & durable products.

By far, Gorilla produces the most resistant grow tents that are even two times more resistant than Vivosun grow tents. This brand aims to facilitate indoor gardening with their odor-proof, tall, strong, and light-proof grow tents.

Now that you know something about each company, it’s time to introduce them to their best products and differences. Vivosun vs Gorilla grow tent – Which of them make better products?

Vivosun grow tents – Our choice

gorilla grow tent vs vivosun

There are many vivosun grow tents present on the entire Amazon market. Some customers have difficulties using some Vivosun tents, so I’m here to present you with the best Vivosun grow tent.

Vivosun manufactures many grow tents models, such as triangle grow tents or roof grow tents, which will make the installation process much easier. I chose to present the Vivosun 4×4 grow tent, the product with the most sales on Amazon.

Surprisingly, 4×4 and 5×5 Vivosun grow tents have over 10,000 sales on Amazon, which is remarkable. Vivosun products are more loved than Gorilla products which hardly reach 500 sales.

With a 100% reflective mylar, this vivosun tent reflects light much better than a Gorilla grow tent. Gorillas stand out for their durability and resilience to their grow tents.

This Vivosun grow tent is 4×4, allowing you to grow about 3-5 plants. It can be easily installed inside your home because it is not tall, which makes it a better candidate for beginners growers.

Compared to a Gorilla grow tent, this 4×4 vivosun is more lightweight and maneuverable. Smooth zippers, observation window, and removable floor tray to make gardening inside more comfortable.

The 340g Oxford proof and double-stitched will keep the light and heat inside, creating a better environment for crops even at night. Safe for your plants due to the non-toxic PE material blocking 100% light inside.

To summarize the information below, check the Pros and Cons section. In this section, you will find the only disadvantage of this tent. Also, below I have attached a button that will direct you to the purchase page of this product.


  • 340g oxford cloth
  • 100% reflective mylar
  • Sturdy & Durable, perfect for beginners
  • Observation window & Detachable floor tray
  • Simple to install


  • Zippers aren’t durable

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Gorilla grow tent – Our choice

vivosun grow tent vs gorilla grow tent

Compared to Vivosun grow tents, Gorilla tents are sturdier and more robust. Gorilla produces some of the toughest grow tents on Amazon, so your plants can grow safely in a perfect growing ambiance.

It is made of a strong frame constructed of resistant metal poles and connectors. Only a few grow tents have metal connectors, so consider yourself lucky to learn about Gorilla products. The frame is robust challenging to move, providing stability to the tent.

This gorilla grow tent is 4×4 and has features identical to the Vivosun tent presented above. It comes with an extra feature that allows you to increase the height of your grow tent from 6’7″ to 7’7″. You will be able to grow taller plants, but at the same time, it will be harder to install in your house.

Diamond reflective interior to reflect the light in all directions. On the outside, it is made of thick material that will not allow light and heat to escape from the inside.

This 4×4 Gorilla tent also has similar features to the Vivosun tent. For example, both are easy to clean have an observation window, vent ports, and mesh pre-filters. Both brands will ensure quality and durability; even the price is medium.

Unlike the Vivosun grow tent presented above, this Gorilla tent doesn’t have problems with zippers. They run smoothly, are durable, and do not block after a few uses. Gorilla grow tent vs Vivosun – Now you decide which one is the best for you and your culture.


  • Sturdy & Durable
  • Diamond reflective interior
  • Block light and heat in
  • Metal poles & connectors
  • Observation window & mesh pre-filters
  • Simple to clean & heavy-duty zippers


  • Hard to install because the tent is tall

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Are Vivosun grow tents sturdier than Gorilla grow tents?

No, Vivosun grow tents are no stronger than Gorilla grow tents, and Gorillas are the strongest grow tents in the world, being made entirely of metal.

How many plants are in a 4×4 Vivosun grow tent?

In a 4×4 grow tent, you can produce about 3-5 plants. Vivosun 4×4 tent will give you the perfect growing conditions.

Are Gorillas grow tent odor-proof?

Not many companies produce odor-proof tents, but Gorilla makes odor-proof tents. Gorillas are quality tents, creating a safe ambiance where plants can grow.


Finally, you reached the end of this article. I hope I helped you and that you managed to conclude about Vivosun vs Gorilla grow tents.

Both companies produce quality products, and it just depends on your tastes and needs.

This article was made after a long research session. You can trust the information and products presented above. If you encounter problems browsing our site, please address them in the comments section. Thanks for reading!

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