Space Bucket Vs Grow Tent – Which one is better?

space bucket vs grow tent

There are many ways to make indoor gardening more comfortable. Space bucket vs Grow tent– Which one is better? It is the question we all ask ourselves at this time. Check Pros and Cons, and you will get an idea about these products.

Efficiency is essential for indoor gardening, so choosing one of these products is very important. Read the information below carefully, and I am sure you will conclude. I presented below grow tents and space buckets in detail. Without any further ado, let’s jump into the article.

Grow Tents – Pros and Cons


  • Robus & Safely for a simple grow
  • Durable products that can last for years
  • Reflective mylar – Reflects light in all directions, offering plants fast-growing
  • Suitable for all growing stages
  • Keeps light and heat inside
  • Zippered door for simple observation of your plants
  • Simple to clean & install
  • More area for plants


  • More expensive than space buckets
  • Larger and heavier than space buckets, taking up more space

Grow tents are sophisticated products that are by far the best products you can use for indoor gardening. They are robust and will provide the plants with the ideal growing conditions.

They are much more spacious than space buckets, providing you with better yields.

There are a lot of sizes to pick from. From mini grow tents, where you can raise a plant, to 10×10 grow tents, you can grow over 20 plants. Choose the size according to the space and money you have at your disposal.

Although grow tents are more expensive and larger than space buckets, they will provide plants with an automatic growth environment.

With the help of carbon filters, oscillating fans, inline fans, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers, your plants will have fresh air for fast growth.

You can easily install these components in a grow tent because you have space.

Most grow tents will have an observation window that will make viewing the plants much easier. You will not need to open the tent door and compromise the plants’ ambiance.

Grow tents are the most effective products that give you excellent yields quickly.

Our choice is a 4×4 Vivosun Grow Tent. Vivosun is a big company that, in recent years, has produced a lot of sales with their company products.

This 4×4 grow tent is the right size, allowing you to grow 3-6 plants without any problems.

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grow tent vs space bucket

Space buckets- Pros and Cons

Like grow tents, space buckets are products that facilitate indoor gardening. Grow tent vs Space bucket – a topic that haunts a lot of novice growers. You saw the features of the grow tents above; now it’s time to talk about space buckets. Check out the Pros and Cons and decide which one is better.


  • Smaller than grow tents for discreet growing
  • Use lower electricity
  • Cheaper than grow tents


  • You have limited space for growing
  • Carbon filters and fans are hard to install
  • Low-reflective interior walls
  • Less durable than grow tents
  • Can’t grow taller plants

As you can see, space buckets have many cons compared to grow tents, and they are not as effective, giving you much worse returns.

You can only grow 1 plant, and it won’t be easy to install the ventilation system. You don’t have enough space where you can carry out your activity, that’s why I choose grow tents over space buckets. You also can’t grow tall plants.

Although they are much cheaper than grow tents, they do not provide the required conditions for fast plant growth. Interior walls are low-reflective, so you must purchase high reflective material, such as mylar.

If you are a beginner, I recommend you buy a grow tent. They are much more efficient, giving you much better yields. Start with a 2×2 grow tent, then increase the size periodically.

Space Bucket vs Grow Tent – FAQs:

How much does a space bucket yield?

A space bucket has an average yield of 1-2 ounces per plant. A grow tent will give you much better yields, facilitating indoor gardening.

Do space buckets smell?

You can smell-proof your space bucket with a carbon filter and attach a carbon filter to your exhaust fan to reduce the smell. Installing a carbon filter and fan will be quite difficult because space buckets are small in size. Instead, I recommend buying a grow tent.

Are grow tents worth it?

Grow tents worth all the money. There are also low-quality grow tents, so be careful when buying one. A high-quality grow tent can save you money in the long run, providing plans with all growing conditions.

How many plants can you grow in a 4×4 grow tent?

In a 4×4 tent, you can grow between 3 and 6 plants, depending on the height and size of the plants. I recommend paying for a Vivosun 4×4 tent because it provides the plants with all the necessary conditions for growth.

Grow tent vs Space bucket – What should I buy?

After a long research session, our team concluded that a grow tent is a more efficient option for indoor gardening. They are much more durable, giving the plants all growing conditions. Space buckets are small and come with many cons, so they are not worth the investment.


Finally, you reached the end of this article. I hope I helped you and that you managed to conclude the Space bucket vs Grow tent subject. I presented all the Pros and Cons above; now you have to decide.

This article is made after thorough research so that you can trust all the information presented above. If you have problems navigating our site, please address them in the comment section. Thanks for reading!

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