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Mars hydro 4x4 grow tent kit

Mars hydro is a famous brand known for the kits and genius products they produce. In this article, I will present you with the best Mars Hydro 4×4 grow tent kit, where you can quickly grow some plants. This Mars Hydro grow kit will create a perfect environment for your crops to grow fastly, thanks to the high-performance components it contains.

This article is written after a long research session, and you can trust all the data presented below. Let me show you the best mars hydro grow kit without any further ado.

Mars Hydro 4×4 Grow Tent Kit Complete 1680D canvas

mars hydro tent kit

It is the product presented in this review. As you can see, the product is manufactured by Mars Hydro. This company is one of the few companies that has maintained a constant quality for all its products. Mars hydro assurances quality at a low price, so a mars hydro product should not be missing from your growing setup.

With the usefulness of this kit, you can effortlessly cultivate 4-7 plants. It will give them flawless growing conditions because it includes the best Mars Hydro components.

What does this kit contain?

1. Grow tent

First of all, like the other mars hydro 4×4 grow tent kits, it contains a grow tent. This grow tent is 4×4 and will create an efficient growing environment for your plants. It is made of 1680D canvas, one of the densest cloths, and it will keep the light and heat inside perfectly, giving the crops a much faster growth.

The interior is lined with a highly reflective mylar to reflect light from LEDs in all directions. This grow tent will give you excellent yields to make the purchase worth it.

It is constructed of sturdy metal poles that will support the tent. Unlike other grow tents, it will ensure the protection and safety of your culture. The metal poles form a robust frame that ideally holds the LEDs, the carbon filter, and the inline fan.

The tent has an observation window that makes peeking inside much more effortless. There will be no need to unzip the tent door and compromise the plant environment. It is also easy to clean because the package contains a removable floor tray that will simplify the cleaning process.

It comes with many ventilation holes and a mesh pre-filter that will help air circulation. With the carbon filter and the inline fan, this grow tent will create ideal air for your plants.

2. LEDs

This mars hydro tent kit contains one of the best quality LEDs. As you would expect, the LEDs are manufactured by Mars Hydro and will give the plants powerful light.

These LEDs are Full Spectrum, which means the crops will have efficient light for all growing stages. It consumes low energy, so the energy bills will not be affected by this mars hydro grow kit. You will get excellent yields thanks to these efficient LEDs. Perfect for 4×4 grow tents, providing efficient light permanently.

It’s easy to install, so I don’t think you’ll have any problems. It also has a 5-year warranty. You can have max confidence in these LEDs because they are long-lasting and efficient. In addition, it comes with many features that will enhance the growth of your plants.

3. Ventilation Kit

This mars hydro tent kit contains one of the most performant ventilation kits. It consists of a 6 “carbon filter and a 6” inline fan, which will create much better air circulation.

The 6 “inline fan has an airflow of 350cfm, which is perfect for a 4×4 grow tent. It works quietly, so you will not disturb the condition of the plants. It forms a much better air circulation and consumes low energy, making it the perfect product for a 4×4 grow tent.

The carbon filter is installed together with the fan, which will create fresh air for your culture. It is imported with Virgin Australian activated charcoal, which removes all shunned odors from the air.

The whole system is straightforward to install. The package also contains 33ft length flex ducting, 3 × Duct Clamps, and a temperature & humidity controller.

Top 3 Best Mars Hydro Grow Tent

1. MARS HYDRO 24″x48″x60″ Grow Tent

mars hydro 4x4 grow tent

It is the first mars hydro grow tent I will describe to you. I want to mention that all Mars Hydro grow tents are similar; only the size and some features differentiate them. The same company designs them, so all tents are almost the same.

This grow tent is 24″x48″x60″, so you can quickly grow 3-5 plants. It will yield the ideal growing conditions for them, making gardening indoors much more comfortable.

It maintains the light inside perfectly, creating a better growing environment for your plants. It is made of 1680D canvas, which has 100% light-blocking properties. It also blocks the heat inside, so your crops will have a compelling growth environment at night.

Inside, it is lined with reflective mylar that reflects light in all directions. The plants will benefit from light from all directions; the growth is improved.

Mars Hydro produces some of the most resistant grow tents. It is constructed with metal pillars that form a robust frame, and it provides tent stability and permanent plant protection.

It has a small observation window that allows you to view your plants much simpler. Unfortunately, the window is small. In any case, a small observation window is better than nothing. This Mars Hydro grow tent is also straightforward to install, and you won’t need tools. In case of problems, check the instruction manual.

The tent is effortless to clean because it contains a removable floor tray. It will gather all the leftovers from the culture, simplifying the cleaning process. For better air circulation, Mars Hydro added to this tent a mesh pre-filter.

Unfortunately, this product also has a disadvantage. A few people had problems with the tent zippers, and these did not run smoothly enough, and sometimes there were minor light leaks around them. This grow tent has over 320 sales and a 4.7-star rating on Amazon. If you want to purchase this tent, check the button below.

2. MARS HYDRO Grow Tent 5’x5′ 1680D

mars hydro grow kit

It is the second product of this mars hydro grow tent review. It is a giant tent that allows you to produce 7-11 plants. Its dimensions are 5×5, so installing it inside your home can be stressful. It’s big, so it can be hard to position. Before buying it, check if you have the space to install this grow tent.

It is made of thick 1680D cloth that keeps all the light inside. Also, like the previous tent, it keeps the heat inside. Plants will have a more efficient environment for growing at night.

The interior is lined with high reflective mylar to reflect light in all directions. The light from the LEDs will be scattered throughout the tent, giving the plants light from all angles.

People who bought this product noticed that it is very durable. It has a reasonably high price, so durability is a feature that characterizes this grow tent. It is also very sturdy, and it is constructed of metal poles that form a robust frame. Plants will be permanently protected, and carbon filters, fans, and other components will be kept safe.

This Mars Hydro grow tent also has an observation window that makes looking inside much more effortless. Like the previous tent, this small observation window. Cleaning is done with the help of the removable floor tray, which simplifies many things.

Although this tent is large, installation is easy. The poles connect easily through the connectors. However, the package contains an instruction manual that will help you assemble the tent.

Like the previous tent, it has problems with zippers. The zippers break easily and, over time, there are small light leaks. This grow tent has over 1100 sales and an excellent rating of 4.6 stars. Check out the button below and buy this product.

3. MARS HYDRO Grow Tent 4’x4′ 1680D Canvas

mars hydro tsw 2000 grow

And finally, I present a mars hydro tsw 2000 grow tent. It has 4 x 4 dimensions, perfect for growing 4-7 plants. This grow tent can be efficiently used by novice growers, making indoor gardening much more effortless.

It is made of 1680D canvas that keeps all the light inside. It guarantees 100% light blocking, so the plants will benefit from a powerful light. Also, the cloth keeps the heat inside, creating a more efficient growth environment.

It is lined with mylar which has extraordinary reflective properties, and it will reflect light in all directions, offering much better yields. It is much more durable than an ordinary grow tent because it is built with solid metal poles, and they form a sturdy frame that will support the tent. Your culture will always be safe and able to grow fast.

Mars Hydro grow tents are expensive products, but they do excellent, and they are very durable due to the latest generation materials that Mars Hydro has used. This grow tent contains one of the densest cloths and strong metal poles that give plants an efficient space to grow.

It has a small observation window that allows you to view your plants without compromising their mood. There will be no need to unzip the door and damage the zippers.

Cleaning is done with the help of the removable floor tray, and it greatly simplifies the cleaning process by gathering all the unwanted resources from the tent. Cleaning does not take more than 20-30 minutes, so you do not have to worry.

Easy to install and use. The installation is done without tools; even a child can perform this process without problems. The metal poles are easily connected through connectors, and the cloth is easily attached over the robust frame. Also, for better air circulation, Mars Hydro added to this grow tent a mesh pre-filter.

Zippers are the only thing that disadvantages this grow tent. It does not run smoothly, and after a while, they can break, allowing light to come out of the tent.

As you can see, all Mars Hydro tents featured in this Mars hydro grow tent review have problems with the zippers. It is the main disadvantage that this company has, but certainly, the investment in a mars hydro grow tent is worth it.

This product has more than 1100 sales and a rating of 4.6 stars on Amazon. If you want to order this product, check the button below.

Mars Hydro Vs Vivosun: Which Grow Tent Company is Better?

mars hydro vs vivosun

Mars hydro and Vivosun are the two companies that produce the most sales on Amazon, with the help of the gardening products they sell. When it comes to grow tents, there is a lot of competition between these companies because both are pretty big. They have quality products at an affordable price, so many people turn to the services they offer.

Below, I will tell you my personal opinion about these two companies. Read the text carefully and, in the end, you can get an idea about these two companies and their products.

Mars Hydro and Vivosun are big companies that sell Amazon products that make indoor gardening much more effortless. Both produce quality products, but I prefer Mars Hydro because they are much more compact, durable, and resistant. Vivosun is also an excellent brand, where you can always buy any product, and they guarantee quality and durability.

I prefer Mars Hydro because it offers a lot of kits to choose from, and Vivosun only produced a few kits. Mars Hydro produced their grow tents with one of the densest canvas, 1680D, while Vivosun produced their grow tents with 600D canvas. 600D canvas is also a good material, but 1680D will add strength to the tent and give you a much better yield.

Many factors influence the quality of some companies’ products. There are several categories of people, and some may prefer Vivosun over Mars Hydro, but I tell my personal opinion as I mentioned in this review. If you want to get a better idea about these companies, you can access their official sites (1, 2), where you can find information about them.


How many watts do I need for a 4×4 grow tent?

For a 4×4 grow tent, you will need about 500-600 watts. One square meter of a grow tent needs about 32 watts.

Are Mars Hydro LEDs any good?

Mars Hydro LEDs are very cheap, and their quality is quite good if we agree with their price. They will provide light FULL SPECTRUM, which means that the plants will have great light for all stages of growth.

How many plants can grow in a 4×4 tent?

In a 4×4 grow tent, you can grow between 4 and 7 plants. I recommend a Mars Hydro 4×4 tent kit or a simple Mars Hydro kit for excellent yields.


Finally, you reached the end of this article. I hope I have helped you and given you a clearer idea of Mars Hydro tents. As mentioned above, Mars Hydro produces some of the highest quality indoor gardening products, so they should not be missing from your setup.

If you are passionate about indoor gardening, it seems to me that a grow tent kit should not be missing from your home. Without further ado, I will end this article here. If you have problems browsing the site, please address them in the comments section. Thanks for reading!

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