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gorilla grow tent 4x4

Gorilla grow tents are the strongest grow tents that currently exist in the world. Gorillas have made a lot of models and sizes, but in this article, I will talk more about Gorilla grow tent 4×4.

4×4 is a medium size that allows you to grow about 5-6 plants. With a Gorilla grow tent 4×4, your plants will benefit from permanent protection and many other features. This article was written after a long research session, so you can trust all the information presented below. Without any further ado, let’s jump into the article!

Are Gorilla grow tent 4×4 worth it?

Gorilla is one of the most popular brands that offer many features. Are these features worth the high price that a Gorilla grow tent has? Well, that depends on what you want from a Grow Tent.

If you want a grow tent that provides durability, resistance, and light-blocking, Gorilla is perfect. Although their price is quite expensive, they will give you the main features to start indoor gardening.

In any case, if you are a lover of indoor gardening, the price of a Gorilla 4×4 grow tent should not worry you. To create a perfect 4×4 gorilla grow tent setup, you need carbon filters, fans, LEDs, and many other components. Also, electricity bills will be more expensive.

Many growers tried different methods to grow their marijuana plants or vegetables indoors, but they are not effective. Also, they buy the wrong gardening tents that do not offer you the best gardening experience. Gorilla grow tents will make indoor gardening more relaxing, simplifying things even for beginners.

Gorilla 4×4 grow tent Features

There are different Gorilla 4×4 grow tents models that have similar features. Gorilla grow tent shorty 4×4 and gorilla grow tent lite line 4×4 are not very different. Below, I will present to you the main features that any Gorilla grow tent 4×4 has. Check below, read carefully, and I’m sure you will get a great opinion about Gorilla.

1. Strong and Durable construction

By far, the strongest grow tents in the world are Gorilla grow tents. The poles are made with metal, giving the plants security throughout their growth.

Unlike other grow tents, Gorilla has metal connectors that provide stability to the tent. The poles, together with connectors, form a rigid frame that can hold a lot of weight. You can establish the ventilation system and the LEDs with confidence.

2. Light Proof

In addition to water, moisture, and a good temperature, plants need light. In a grow tent, you will provide your plants light through LEDs.

The light must remain locked inside, and this is only possible with a thick cloth. Gorilla grow tent 4×4 is made with a 200D-600D cloth. In addition to blocking the light, it keeps the heat inside, giving the plants an efficient environment during the night.

3. High reflective

As mentioned above, in a grow tent, the element that produces light is LEDs. However, LEDs alone are not enough to give plants strong light for every stage of growth.

In nature, plants have light from all directions, not just from above, as in a grow tent. To remedy this, Gorilla lined tents with highly reflective material.

4. Simple to clean & install

Cleaning is done with the help of a removable and waterproof floor tray that gathers all the leftovers from the plants. For a Gorilla grow tent 4×4, cleaning will not take more than 15 minutes.

Installation is effortless without the use of tools. Even a child can accomplish this process, so you have nothing to worry about. However, the package contains an instruction manual.

5. Zippers

Gorilla is a brand famous for its smooth, durable, and resistant zippers. These are the most commonly used components of a grow tent, so it’s a key feature.

With the help of zippers, insects or other pests will not be able to enter the tent. They also prevent light leakage, making indoor gardening much more comfortable.

4×4 Gorilla grow tent – Lite Line

gorilla grow tent lite line 4x4

Is it worth buying a gorilla grow tent lite line 4×4? There are plenty of gorilla grow tent lite line 4×4 reviews, but not all of them provide you with information about this grow tent. Below, I have described the main features of this Gorilla Lite Line tent. Also, below you will find a section with all advantages and disadvantages, in case you don’t have time to read its description.


  • Lightproof & Odor proof
  • Sturdy construction for a long term use
  • Observation windows
  • Simple to clean & install
  • Smooth, durable & resistant zippers
  • 6 ducting ports and 2 electrical ports
  • Excellent customer service
  • Perfect for novice growers
  • Extension kit


  • Some customers received the tent with some missing parts

Gorilla grow tent lite line 4×4 is not very different from the official Gorilla 4×4 version. Their features are similar, creating efficient growing surroundings for your crops. You can also buy a gorilla grow tent lite line 4×4 from a local store. Unfortunately, Gorilla grow tent lite line 4×4 stores are not very common, so the best decision is to buy it online.

Sturdy and Durable construction, giving plants protection for every stage of growth. It is made entirely of metal, being able to maintain the ventilation system and LEDs.

It is made of 210D canvas cloth that blocks light and heat. The plants will benefit from an efficient growth environment even during the night. Also, the cloth is tear-resistant, so it will add resistance to the tent.

On the inside, this 4×4 gorilla grow tent is lined with reflective mylar. It will reflect light in all directions, giving you much more profitable yields.

As an extra feature, Gorilla added an extension kit that allows you to add 1 ‘in height to the tent. From 6’7 “height, the tent will become 7’7”, permitting you to grow taller plants. This feature is only present for Gorilla tents. Other brands don’t add extension kits.

This tent is uncomplicated to establish. Gorilla grow tent 4×4 instructions are simple to read, helping you complete the installation process. The cleaning is done utilizing the removable floor tray that gathers all the leftovers from the plants.

This Gorilla tent has 2 observation windows, 6 ducting ports, 2 electrical ports, and a mesh pre-filter. The indoor gardening will be much more relaxing and easy, just with this gorilla grow tent lite line 4×4. Perfect for beginners, this product managed to get over 440 sales and a 4.5 of 5 stars rating on Amazon.

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4×4 Gorilla grow tent – GGT Line

4x4 gorilla grow tent

The GGT line Gorilla grow tent 4×4, unlike the Lite Line, is a little heavier, being able to maintain more weight. It is made of strong metal poles that provide the tent stability. The connectors are also made of metal. In most grow tents, the connectors are made of plastic. Gorilla have a big advantage, providing the plants with protection and safety.

Inside you can grow about 3-7 plants. This tent is made of thick 1680D canvas, which is much thicker than the Lite Line Gorilla tent material. It blocks 100% of the light and heat inside, forming an efficient environment for your crops at night.

As an extra feature, this 4×4 grow tent gorilla has an extension kit. It allows you to increase the height by 1 ‘, so you can grow taller plants.

It is lined with highly reflective mylar with a diamond pattern. This type of mylar is very reflective, reflecting almost 100% of the light. Plants will benefit from Full Spectrum light throughout their growth.

Installation is facile, without the help of tools. Gorilla grow tent 4×4 instructions are uncomplicated to comprehend, making it easy to set up a tent. Cleaning is done with the removable floor tray.

Same as the Lite Line version, the tent has an observation window that allows you to peek inside effortlessly. You will not need to open the tent and overuse the zippers.

By the way, zippers are the most important and the most used component. They are used frequently, so they must be of high quality. You are lucky because this Gorilla grow tent 4×4 has resistant, durable and smooth zippers.

This grow tent is also appreciated by many customers. It has over 280 sales and a 4.4 of 5 stars rating on Amazon. If you want to buy this product, check the button below.


  • Lightproof & Odor proof
  • Diamond reflective interior
  • Sturdy construction for a long term use
  • Observation windows
  • Simple to clean & install
  • Smooth, durable & resistant zippers
  • Ducting ports and electrical ports
  • Perfect for novice growers
  • 1’ extension kit


  • Slow customer service

How to choose the right Gorilla grow tent size?

Gorillas produce different designs of grow tents, of different sizes. Choosing a model and size can be a difficult choice for a novice gardener, so come with some advice for you.

First of all, the model of a gorilla grow tent is chosen according to your preferences. Gorilla produces 3 grow tents models: GGT Line, Lite Line, and Short Line. There are no big differences between them. GGT Line grow tents are a little heavier but can hold more weight. They are also made of a thicker material.

When it comes to size, the choice may be a little more complicated. Below I have left you with a few steps to follow when choosing the size of a Gorilla Grow Tent.

1. Space

The first thing you need to do is choose the space where you want to place the grow tent. Do this before buying, and make sure that the size you want to choose fits the length, width, and height in your room.

2. Your budget

With the size of a grow tent, the price will increase. Make sure you have the money to buy all the components you need to grow. If you budget is too low, then you can consider purchasing a Cheap Grow Tent.

3. Decide how many plants you want to grow

If you want to grow 4.5 plants, you won’t need a big Gorilla grow tent. A 4×4 will give you enough space for cultivation. Instead, if you want to grow more plants, choose a bigger size, like 8×8 or 10×10.

4. Plant size

If you want to grow taller plants, you will need a taller grow tent, like gorilla.

Is Gorilla Grow Tent 4×4 Dangerous?

Gorillas are by far the safest brand. You don’t have to worry because both you and the plants will benefit from safety. As mentioned above, Gorilla have the most unassailable grow tents. They are made entirely of metal, being able to maintain a lot of weight.

The cloth is also flammable. In case of unexpected accidents, the grow tent will not burn.

You will need LEDs to give plants light. Unfortunately, they will damage your eyes because of the bright light they emit.

Are 4×4 grow tents Gorilla odor-proof?

Gorilla tents are made of odor-blocking materials, so unwanted smells will be removed from the inside. With the help of a carbon filter and fans, all unwanted odors will be eliminated, creating fresh air for your plants.

Not many grow tents are odor-proof. Gorilla is one of the few companies that has added this quality, making the removal of odors from the tent much faster. Other brands need a powerful ventilation system to eliminate all odors efficiently.

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Is there any gorilla grow tent 4×4 complete kit available on Amazon?

Unfortunately, you will not find a gorilla grow tent 4×4 kit on Amazon. Gorilla has no kits on Amazon, so you can’t buy one right now. Instead, try to buy a 4×4 gorilla tent and build your gorilla grow tent 4×4 setup.

Is there any gorilla grow tent 4×4 shorty available on Amazon?

Gorilla produces 3 different grow tents models: Lite Line, GGT Line, and Short Line. You will find Lite Line and GGT 4×4 gorilla grow tents, but unfortunately, you will not be able to pay for the short-line version.

Where can I buy a 4×4 gorilla grow tent kit?

Unfortunately, Gorilla kits are not available on Amazon. A lot of people search for Gorilla kits or gorilla grow tent high cfm kit 4×4, but unfortunately, you can’t find them available on Amazon.

How much weight can a Gorilla 4×4 grow tent hold?

Gorillas are known for their strong and durable frame. It is made entirely of metal, being able to hold over 300lbs.


Finally, you reached the end of this article. I hope I helped you and that you managed to find a suitable gorilla grow tent 4×4. There are also many sizes of Gorilla grow tents that you can try.

This article was made after a long research session. All the above information is trustworthy, so you can buy products without a doubt. If you encounter problems browsing our site, please address them in the comments section. Thanks for reading!

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