Top 5 Best CO2 Bags For Grow Tent (2x Times Plant Growth!)

co2 bags for grow tent

If you cultivate plants in a grow tent, our team will present the best Co2 bags for grow tents. One of the main elements plants need to carry out the photosynthesis process is Co2. The plants will make their food much faster; the growth is accelerated.

Co2 is one of the main elements that your plants need for growth. There are many CO2 bags everywhere in the market, but not all will give plants a suitable amount of Co2. After a long research session, we came up with the 5 best co2 bags for grow tents. Without any further ado, let’s jump into the article.

What are CO2 bags?

If you have a grow tent or a grow room for growing plants inside your home, you will need a few components to get yields. Besides carbon filters, inline fans, LEDs, humidifiers, and more, you’ll need a CO2 bag.

Due to the air circulation, the level of co2 in a grow tent will be low. To fix this, you will need a co2 bag that can give plants co2 for months. Plants will grow much faster if they have a lot of Co2, making the photosynthesis process much more efficient.

They release a controlled amount of CO2, built with three parts: a controller, a tank, and a regulator. All these three components will help you create an automatic CO2 delivery system. Below, Grow Tent Shop presented the best co2 bag for grow rooms, so check and buy your favorite.

How to choose the best co2 bag for grow tent

In today’s online market, there are many models of co2 bags that will not provide plants with the necessary amount of co2 for rapid growth. Before buying one, you should know how to choose one. Grow Tent Shop makes choosing one more leisurely for you, presenting two factors you must respect below.

1. Your budget

Before buying a co2 bag, check your pocket. The approximate price for a quality co2 bag is $50-60 and is paid several times a year. Co2 bags are efficient products that greatly influence the environment of your plants.

If the co2 bag covers more space, it is clear that it will be more expensive. It is similar to grow tents: the more giant grow tent is, the higher the price. Also important are the features that the co2 bag has, and the more features there are, the higher the price will be. Cheap co2 bags will usually not give the plants enough co2 and ruin the whole crop.

There are also cheap products that can fulfill your desires. Nowadays, the competition is fierce, and companies are trying to sell their products at lower and lower prices. In our article, product no 2 (The Exhale Homegrown CO2 365 – Self-Activated Bag for Grow Rooms) is a cheap product and is one of the most effective co2 bags for grow rooms.

2. Size of your grow room

Your growth room is significant when buying a co2 bag. Some bags cover a larger area and are suitable for bigger grow rooms, and some cover a smaller surface, being perfect for smaller tents.

If you buy a big co2 bag and get a small grow room, the plant development will be damaged, and plants will no longer grow due to excess co2. Also, if you buy small co2 bags and get a big tent, the plants will die, and they will not have enough CO2 to carry out the process of photosynthesis.

For a big grow room, I will recommend installing two co2 bags. Check how many cubic feet your grow tent has, then buy the co2 bag that can cover that surface or two bags that can cover the whole surface.

5 Best CO2 bags for grow tent

1. ExHale CO2 EX50002 Exhale XL CO2 Bag

best co2 bags for grow tent

Here is the first product presented in our review. This co2 bag is the best-selling co2 bag for grow room on Amazon, with over 2600 sales and a 4.3 of 5 stars rating.

It is designed for medium to large spaces, providing 288 cubic feet with co2 for six months. No heat or electricity & easy to use even for novice growers.

To deliver co2 to your plants, all you have to do is place the Co2 bag in your grow room. They will receive Co2 24/24 hours per day, the yields being improved.

Place this co2 bag for grow tents above the plants. If you have a ventilation system, place it near the fresh air intake.

2. The Exhale Homegrown CO2 365 – Self-Activated Bag for Grow Rooms

co2 bags

It is the perfect co2 bag for 4×4 grow rooms. It covers 128 cubic foot space with co2 for 9 months. Even though the price is small, this bag can guarantee your plant co2 for almost a year.

Just install this co2 bag in your tent. It will give the plants co2 all day, improving yields, and plants can perform their feeding process much faster.

It ranks among the best co2 bags for grow tents, having over 1630 sales and a 4.4 of 5 stars rating on Amazon. It weighs 4.24 pounds, being simple to use even for beginners.

Safe to use. Install it above the plants so that you can offer them the best-growing ambiance. If you are interested in purchasing this product, check the button below.

3. ExHale CO2 ExHale 365-Self Activated CO2 Bag

co2 bag for grow room

Here is the 3rd product presented in our review. With over 400 sales and 4.5 of 5 stars, this item is characterized as “Amazon choice.”

Unlike the other co2 bags presented above, it will give co2 plants for about 2-3 months, and plant growth will be accelerated.

It is easy to install, even for a novice grower. It is installed above the plants in small to medium grow rooms. Safe to use, without electricity use.

Amazon allows you to order multiple copies with a single click. If you want to buy the product, check the button below.

4. Exhale CO2 Exhale XL CO2 Bag

do i need co2 in my grow tent

This item is perfect for medium spaces, providing plants with co2 permanently. Don’t use more than two co2 bags in grow tent because too much co2 will damage the plants.

Even if you have never used a co2 bag before, don’t worry because this one is simple to use. Just place it in your grow tent, and it will deliver plants with quality co2 for all stages of growth.

Many customers love this product. It has incredible features that raise the product in the top 5 best co2 bags for grow tents. It has over 220 sales and a 4.2 of 5 stars rating.

Safe to use. This co2 bag can cover a medium area even if the price is negligible. Don’t use electricity and don’t emit heat, so it won’t negatively affect the plant’s ambiance.

5. The Exhale Homegrown CO2 Grow Bag

co2 bag for grow tent

It is the final product presented in this review. It does not consume electricity and does not emit heat, perfect for growing tents. This co2 bag will provide plants with co2 for a month, improving yields.

If you want to give your crops permanent CO2, this product is your ideal friend. It will provide the plants with a more efficient growth environment without affecting the air circulation.

I recommend using this co2 bag in small to medium grow tents. Please do not use them in big grow tents as they will not cover the entire surface.

You can find this unit on Amazon, where it has over 1600 sales and a 4.4 of 5 stars rating. It’s a fantastic product, uncomplicated to use, perfect for beginners and advanced growers.

Benefits of adding a CO2 bag in your Grow Tent

Co2 bags are some of the essential elements that your grow tent setup should have. Plants need three main features to carry out the process of photosynthesis, and these are Co2, light, and mineral salts.

LEDs will provide light; the mineral salts will be taken from the soil and co2 from co2 bags. The grow tent will quickly run out of co2 if you don’t have a bag due to the ventilation system and the small interaction with the outside environment.

Co2 bags will provide your culture with co2 for months without the need to make huge investments. Yields will be improved, and plants will grow much faster.


Do I need co2 in my grow tent?

Co2 is one of the essential elements in a grow tent. Plants use CO2 in photosynthesis to produce food, and plants also use it for many purposes that influence their growth. If your grow tent has no CO2, all your plants will die. Also, please do not overdo it because growth will not be very effective.

How to use co2 bags in grow tent?

Even if you haven’t used a co2 bag before, I’m sure you can handle it. Just install it in your grow tent, and it will do its job for many months.

How much does it cost to add CO2 to a tent?

A quality co2 bag costs around $ 50-60. It also depends on the size and the area that they can cover. A big co2 bag will cost much more than a small co2 bag.


Finally, you reached the end of this article. I hope I have helped you and that you managed to find the right co2 bag for your grow tent. Above, you have presented the five best co2 bags for grow tents that will give co2 plants for months. They are efficient and easy to use, improving yields.

Plants will perform the process of photosynthesis much faster, and the growth is accelerated. This article was written after a long research session so that you can trust all the information presented above. If you encounter problems browsing our site, please address them in the comments section. Thanks for reading!

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