Top 5 Best 8×8 Grow Tent with Buying Guide

8x8 grow tent

Do you have a lot of plants that take up a lot of space? Well, we came up with a solution called 8×8 grow tent. Save space and store all your plants in an 8×8 grow tent simply. The five 8×8 grow tents below will grow your plants quickly and offer maximum safety to your crop.

I made this list to make your work easier. Grow Tent Shop has provided you with the best 8×8 grow tents. Peruse the text carefully, and you will find the ideal product. Without any further ado, let’s jump into the article.

1. MARS HYDRO 8×8 Grow Tent

mars hydro 8x8 grow tent

I will be honest with you from the beginning, and I tell you that this product is not perfect. I will express my sincere opinion about this product. It has incredible qualities and does its job perfectly. Without any ado, let me present you with the features below.

I will start with the most salient feature of the tent – KEEPING LIGHT PERFECT IN THE INTERIOR. Well, most tents are made of thin and cheap material, while it is made of thick and tear-resistant 1680D material.

Inside it has reflective mylar that will drastically improve the quality of light in the tent. Mars Hydro always does an excellent job. That’s why I chose to place this 8×8 grow tent in the first position.

Tent zippers are acceptable. You can do your job with them very simply. The main element that offers stability and resistance to the tent is the metal frame. It consists of metal poles that connect easily. The collapse of the tent is inevitable.

Look at your plants quickly and safely using the observation window. You will no longer need to open the tent to observe the plants. Also, the window will provide better ventilation and will protect the plants from external pests.

You will not need to use much effort to clean the tent. When you open the package, you will notice a tray placed on the tent floor. All the leftovers will fall into this. Just take it out and remove the contents.

The tent is big, so it will take some time to assemble it. The metal poles will connect easily, and the cloth will fit perfectly on them. Although time-consuming, this 8×8 grow tent will be easy to install and use.

Most customers did not have problems with the product, which reached a rating of 4.6 stars on Amazon. In any case, Mars Hydro has thought of everything and, if you have problems, the product has 30 days to return.


  • Lightproof
  • Waterproof
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Provide a great ventilation
  • Easy to clean
  • You can observe your plants simply
  • Easy to install and use


  • Minor light leaks around the zipper

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2. AC Infinity 8×8 grow tent

AC Infinity CLOUDLAB 899 Advance Grow Tent

Think of a company that has the highest quality grow tents. If you thought about it, the words “Ac Infinity” most likely appeared in the corner of your mind. One of the most popular brands that produce grow tents, promising high quality and fast results.

If you go to amazon now and write in the search bar “AC Infinity,” you will notice that most products have a tiny description, including this 8×8 grow tent. I’m here to help you better understand the pros and cons of the product, so let’s get to work.

The tent looks incredibly good. It has a futuristic design, being perfect for placing in almost any room of your home. You will not need to stress assembling this tent. The process will not be tiresome; metal poles and corners will come together like a puzzle.

Ac Infinity, in addition to the great design, gave to the tent strength. The metal poles are made in such a way as to be resistant. The plants will be able to thrive safely. There will be no need to worry.

In addition to safety, your plants also need light. The thick high-density 2000D canvas material, together with the resistant zippers, will not allow the light and heat to come out of the tent. Also, mylar lining will amplify light reflectivity so the tent will create an “artificial sun” for your culture.

This 8×8 grow tent guarantees you complete cleanliness inside. The package contains a waterproof and detachable floor tray that will make the tent shine. All leftovers will be gathered in the tray. All you have to do is remove and empty the tray.

The observation window enables you to look at your plants without disturbing their condition. Also, the window will improve ventilation. It will give your culture fresh air.

Well, as you can see, the product has everything it needs. All its features will create the ideal environment for growth. If you are interested, check the product on Amazon, where it has a 5-star rating. To make your work easier, I put a link below to direct you to the AC Infinity 8×8 grow tent.


  • Futuristic design
  • Lightproof
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Observation window
  • Always clean
  • Toolbag


  • Zippers aren’t smooth

3. VIVOSUN 8×8 grow tent

vivosun 8x8 grow tent

As I said at the beginning, the article will contain a lot of famous companies. Well, Vivosun makes its appearance with an 8×8 grow tent that I ranked 3rd. The product is excellent, but minor flaws make it less efficient than the other grow tent presented above.

Like the tents on this top, the Vivosun 8×8 grow tent will give you fast results and healthy growth of your plants. Let me introduce you to the attributes that this product has. If you’re already familiar with the elements, scroll down a bit and check out the Pros and Cons.

The first and most important quality is that the product does not let light out of the tent. 98% reflective mylar lining, thick double-stitched material, and durable zippers will create the ideal environment for the optimal growth of your culture.

Most tents on the market have cheap zippers, which do not do their job concretely. Well, this 8×8 grow tent will bring you a big plus because the zippers are excellent. It runs perfectly(doesn’t block), and most importantly, it doesn’t allow light to leak out.

Do not bother to open the tent to observe your plants. Vivosun has provided you with an observation window that is very easy to use. Also, the window will improve the air quality in the tent.

You will not have problems with debris falling from plants. The floor tray will tighten them. Thus, all you’ve to do is remove the tray and discard the contents. A simple process that everyone can do.

The tent is very spacious, being able to store up to 20 plants. If you have space, you can assemble it inside your house, but the easiest thing would be to make it in the garden or in a place where there is much space.

This 8×8 grow tent is easy to use. You won’t have any problems. Even if you are an intermediate grower, you will get incredible results.

The opinion of other customers matters. The product is appreciated on amazon by over 90% of customers. It managed to reach an incredible 4.3-star rating, so hurry up. I left you a link below that will direct you to the product, so if you are interested, click.


  • 98% reflective mylar
  • Good exterior material
  • Waterproof
  • Observation window
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Great for beginners


  • Hard to assemble
  • Low resistance

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4. Oppolite Hydroponic 8×8 grow tent

Oppolite Hydroponic 8x8 Grow Tent Room for Indoor Plant Growing

I chose to put a lesser-known company in this review to present all the options. Not many small companies produce quality products, but Oppolite is an exception. At least this 8×8 grow tent is excellent. It can easily compete against famous tents, such as Vivosun or Mars Hydro.

The product is designed for beginners and advanced. It has some flaws, so don’t expect the perfect tent. It’s not perfect, but it’s above average. You will get guaranteed results.

First of all, the tent is durable. You can grow your culture for a long time without any problems. The tent will create optimal conditions for your plants to thrive.

Easy to install and use. You don’t have to bother assembling the tent. The metal poles are simply joined, and the resistant canvas fits perfectly on the metal frame.

The thick double-stitched materialr will not allow light and heat to escape from inside. Inside, it is lined with mylar that has excellent reflective properties, so your crops will have powerful light. The tent creates a simple, healthy, and efficient growth for your plants.

You will not need to disturb the environment or the condition of the plants to be able to take a look in the tent. The observation window of this 8×8 grow tent will allow for easy observation, so you won’t have to waste time.

The tent will do all the work, including cleaning. The pack contains a removable floor tray that collects plant debris. Thus, the tent will always be clean. Your plants will benefit from fresh air and a permanent fresh smell.

Over 300 people have tried this 8×8 grow tent, and most were satisfied with the services offered. It managed a rating of 4.5 stars, so you have nothing to complain about the product. Check the button below and take a look at the price of the product. I’m sure it will impress you.


  • Easy to clean
  • Lightproof
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to install
  • Easy observation
  • Durable
  • Sturdy


  • Some people have reported problems with the zipper

5. TopoLite 8×8 grow tent

topolite 8x8 grow tent

Well, you’ve come to the final product. I chose to put this product at the end of this review because it has some defects (check the cons). This 8×8 grow tent is perfect for growing plants indoors. Easy to use. Even if you are an intermediate grower, don’t worry because you will get results.

It can be easily placed in almost any room of your home. I recommend you put it in your garden because the tent is significant. You can store up to 20 plants indoors, so space will not be a problem.

This 8×8 grow tent is easy to install. The metal poles join very quickly. No tools will be needed. In case you have problems, you can consult the instruction manual or YouTube videos.

The primary quality is that it does not allow light to come out of the tent. The thick 600D canvas material, together with the reflective mylar liner, do their job perfectly. Your plates will benefit from solid light at all times.

The excellent zippers will not allow any beam of light to come out from inside. They are durable and compact.

Look at your plants simply without disturbing the condition of the plants using the observation window. They will also create better ventilation. Your plants will benefit from fresh air at all times.

The floor tray will make it much easier to clean the tent. You’ll no longer need to spend time. Remove your tray and remove the contents. The tent will be clean again.

This 8×8 grow tent has received good reviews from over 250 customers. It managed to reach a 4.4-star rating on Amazon, so don’t waste any more time. Check the price of the product by clicking on the button below.


  • Lightproof
  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Observation window
  • Good ventilation
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to assemble


  • Zippers aren’t smooth
  • Bad warranty system

Buying Guide

As you can see, you have presented above the best 8×8 grow tents. I chose to put in this review only five products to make your choice simple, but I’ll help you choose the right product.

You probably entered this article because you have a lot of space. You want to grow your plants much easier and safer. The choice of an 8×8 grow tent is made according to your preferences. No product will be perfect. I can give you a list of the essential features that an 8×8 grow tent must have:

  • not to allow light to come out
  • to provide security for your plants
  • to be sustainable

Most tents will have many more features, but these are the most important. Do not buy the product if it does not have these characteristics.

Many companies may provide false information in the product description, so it’s a good idea for you to check other people’s reviews.

You will never find a good tent at a low price. I recommend you to buy from famous companies (Mars Hydro, Vivosun, Ac Infinity) that can offer you a good grow tent. Even if the price may seem high, it is normal because companies sell quality tents.

To better understand, differentiate between a pair of $ 50 sneakers and a $ 200 pair of sneakers. The $ 200 will be much more comfortable, sturdy, and durable. You have the same thinking when you buy a grow tent as well.


1. How many plants can I grow in an 8×8 grow tent?

Many people who need a large and spacious tent ask this question quite often. An 8×8 grow tent can store about 20 plants. It also varies according to the size of the plants or their height.

2. How to assemble an 8×8 grow tent?

Assembly is simple. Most do not require tools to install them. When you receive the package, you will most likely find an instruction manual.
If you have trouble using the instruction manual, you can watch a video. You can find the videos on Amazon, under the product description, or on YouTube.

3. Can the 8×8 grow tents be used indoors?

If you have space available, yes, you can grow plants inside your home. I recommend you place the tent in a garden. Tents are not influenced by the weather or the seasons.


Finally, you managed to get to the end of this review. The products presented above are of high quality, I can assure you this. They will do their job and give you good results. Read the product description carefully, and I am sure you will find the ideal 8×8 grow tent.

I recommend the first product (MARS HYDRO 8×8 Grow Tent) because it is close to perfection. I hardly found negative things said about these products, so I’m sure you’ll like them. You can address any issues or upset without problems in the comments section. Thanks for reading!

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