3×2 Grow Tent: Top 3 Best Choices of Indoor Gardeners like You!

3x2 grow tent

Grow Tent Shop thought of offering you the best options for 3×2 grow tents. There are a lot of sizes that a grow tent can have. The most common are 4×4 or 3×3, but some people like 3×2.

This article was written after a long research session so that you can trust all the information below. We have presented below 3 of the best 3×2 grow tents that will fulfill the wishes of your plants. With carbon filters, fans and LEDs, you will create an ideal indoor growing ambiance that will give you the best yields. Without any further ado, let’s jump into the article!

Best 3×2 grow tent – Our choices

1. VIVOSUN Grow Tent 3×2, High Reflective Mylar

grow tent 3x2

It is the first and best choice for 3×2 grow tents. As you can see from the product title, it is manufactured by Vivosun. Vivosun is one of the most well-known brands, offering you the best quality indoor gardening products. Check out the features of this grow tent 3×2 to make a clear idea about it.

600D cloth is made with a thick cloth that will maintain light and heat inside. The plants will benefit from an efficient growth environment even during the night. It is also tear-resistant and nonflammable, making your plants a safer place.

100% reflective mylar – On the inside, this 3×2 grow tent is lined with high reflective mylar that reflects light in all directions. The Full Spectrum light produced by the LEDs will be spread throughout the tent, the yields being maximized.

Metal frame – This 3×2 grow tent is supported by solid metal poles protecting your crops. The robust frame can hold over 1560lbs so that you can place the ventilation system and LEDs without fear.

Observation window – With the help of this grow tent 3×2, you will observe the plants more easily without disturbing their condition. There will be no need to open the tent and compromise the environment. Quickly peek inside from the outside and observe the growth stage of your plants.

Fast & Simple installation – Vivosun made this tent simple to install, perfect even for beginners. The metal poles are easily connected via connectors(without tools). If you have problems, you can consult the instruction manual.

Removable floor tray – Cleaning the tent will no longer be tricky. This vivosun grow tent 3×2 comes with a tray that gathers all leftovers from the plants, and the cleaning process will not take more than 15 minutes.

Mesh pre-filter and Toolbag– These two elements will make indoor gardening even more accessible. The pre-filter mesh will form a better air circulation, also preventing insects from entering your grow tent. The tool bag allows you to store your gardening tools, hygrometer, and gardening accessories.

Smooth zippers – Zippers run smoothly and allow you to open the tent quickly. They do not allow light to escape, forming a better environment for your plants. Unfortunately, some customers said the zippers aren’t durable. After a while, they start to deteriorate, blocking much more often.

This Vivosun tent is the best-selling 3×2 grow tent on Amazon, with over 1100 sales. It has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, which means that most of the buyers were satisfied with the services offered by this product. If you want to buy it, check the button below.

2. AC Infinity CLOUDLAB 632D 2-in-1 Advanced Grow Tent

AC Infinity CLOUDLAB 632D 2-in-1 Advance Grow Tent

Here is the second product in our review. With a modern design, this product is made by Ac Infinity. Ac Infinity is a famous brand on Amazon that produces many indoor gardening products. Their products are stylish, long-lasting, and thick, perfect for beginners and advanced. This 3×2 grow tent has many features, so check below and see them.

2 in 1 design – Unlike the 3×2 grow tent presented above, they come with three different rooms that allow you to grow plants depending on the stage of growth they are at—two small rooms for seedling or vegetative stage and one big room for higher stages of development.

Thick canvas – This 3×2 grow tent is made of thick fabric, which means it will keep light and heat inside. The plants will benefit from an efficient environment, the yields being increased. It is also tear-resistant and does not allow insects to penetrate the tent.

Robust construction is made of solid metal poles that form a strong frame. It can maintain a lot of weight so that you can place the carbon filter, inline fan, and LEDs without problems. Your plants will always be safe, AcInfinity giving you the best growing experience.

Reflective interior – The light produced by the LEDs will be scattered throughout the tent due to the high reflective inside. It has a diamond pattern, which will reflect almost 100% of the light.

Heavy-Duty zippers – Unlike the Vivosun grow tent 3×2 shown above, it comes with enduring and smooth zippers. They also do not allow light to escape, forming a better ambiance for your crops.

Observation Window – If you want to see the evolution of your plants, peek inside with the help of the observation window. There will be no need to compromise the environment or disturb the condition of the plants.

Removable tray – For fast results, plants need a clean environment. This AcInfinity 3×2 grow tent cleaning is done quickly with the removable floor tray.

Simple installation – Installing this grow tent is uncomplicated, without the need for tools. Even a novice grower can stabilize the tent without issues. Anyway, in the package, you will find an instruction manual that can help you if you have problems with the installation.

This tent has over 85 sales and a 4.3 of 5 stars rating on Amazon. This tent managed to rank in the top 3 best 3×2 grow tents with extraordinary features. Check the button below and buy the product.

3. CoolGrows Upgraded 2-in-1 36″x24″x53″ Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

grow box

It is the final product presented in this review. Unlike the other products above, it comes with a different design. It is manufactured by CoolGrows and allows you to grow plants depending on the growing stage. Besides, it comes with many features. Check below!

600D fabric – This grow tent 3×2 is made of thick material that does not allow light and heat to escape from inside. It will create an efficient growth environment in all the tent rooms, increasing yields during the night. It is also tear-proof and nonflammable to give the plants permanent protection.

Reflective interior – The interior is lined with a highly reflective mylar to reflect light in all directions. The plants will benefit from Full Spectrum light coming from all angles to accelerate the growth.

Sturdy construction – Not many 2 in 1 grow tents can provide plants with protection throughout their growth. Surprisingly, this one will give permanent safety to the plants because it is built with metal poles, and they form a robust frame that can effortlessly maintain your growth components.

Easy-view window – To make it more comfortable to observe the evolution of plants, CoolGrows added an observation window. You will not need to use the zippers and compromise the plant ambiance.

Removable floor tray – Cleaning a 2 in 1 grow tent can be tricky for most novice gardeners. Fortunately, this tent is effortless to clean, and this process does not take more than 15-20 minutes.

Straightforward to install – Besides this, it is easy to install. If you have never used a 2 in 1 grow tent before, I’m sure this is the perfect choice for you. Simple to use and install, without using tools.

Lightproof zippers – The zippers of this 3×2 grow tent do not allow light to leave the tent, but unfortunately, they are not durable. Some customers said they started to block after a few weeks of use.

This grow tent 3×2 was appreciated by many people, with over 140 sales and a 4.5 of 5 stars rating on Amazon. If you want to buy it, check the button below.

Things to consider before buying a grow tent 3×2

Before buying a 3×2 grow tent, you should look for some crucial features to ensure a safer environment for your crops. Below, we presented five features that any grow tent 3×2 should have. These are the most important and will facilitate the growth process of the plants. Without any further ado, let me present you with the features.

●    Thick cloth – It is the most essential feature that a 3×2 grow tent should have. Its role is to keep the light and heat inside, giving the plants the main growing conditions. The denser the cloth, the better it retains light and warmth inside. For example, a 1680D canvas is much denser than a 600D canvas. In any case, search for 3×2 grow tents that are 300D + canvas.

●    Sturdy construction – The tent should be constructed with sturdy poles to give plants safety and protection. It must be stable and maintain a lot of weight. Look for tents made of metal poles because they are the strongest.
The metal poles will form a robust frame that will keep the carbon filters, inline fans, and LEDs without problems. If “sturdiness” is the main feature you search for in a grow tent, you should check the Best Gorilla Grow Tents article. Gorillas are the most resistant grow tents, being made entirely of metal.

●    Reflective inside – The light produced by LEDs must be reflected in all directions to maximize yields. It is possible with a high reflective mylar, and with its help, the plants will have light from all directions. Look for a 3×2 grow tent that is 95% + reflective and preferably has a diamond pattern mylar.

●    Simple installation – For a beginner, this is an essential feature. Usually, establishing is not a very difficult process. The installation is done without tools, and sometimes you don’t even need to use the instruction manual. It can be challenging for novice growers, so better search for easy-to-install tents. Our recommendation is the Vivosun 3×2 grow tent (The first product presented in this review)

●    Quality zippers – Zippers are the most used components in a grow tent. Unfortunately, most grow tents have zippers that are not durable and lock quickly. Try to find grow tents whose zippers are durable, smooth, and do not allow light leakage.
If this is the main priority when you are looking for a 3×2 grow tent, our recommendation is AC Infinity 3×2 grow tent (the Second product presented in this review)


How many plants are in a 3×2 grow tent?

In a 3×2 grow tent, you can produce about 3-5 plants. 3×2 is a reasonably small size, perfect for novice growers.

What size carbon filter for grow tent 3×2?

You’re going to need a 4″ carbon filter and a 4″ fan to create the optimum airflow for your plants. 4 “is enough to purify all the air in the tent, so you will not have to spend money on larger dimensions. Also, if the CFM is too high for 3×2, plant development can be damaged.

How many watts for a 3×2 grow tent?

A square foot needs about 30-35 watts in a grow tent. So, according to a simple mathematical calculation, a grow tent 3×2 has 6 square feet, so it needs about 180 – 210 watts.


Finally, you reached the end of this article. I hope I helped you and found a proper 3×2 grow tent for your culture. Above, we have presented you with three grow tent 3×2 to fulfill your desires without concerns. You will find different models so that you can choose according to the preferences and needs of the plants.

This article was written after a long research session so that you can trust all the information presented above. If you encounter problems browsing our site, please address them in the comments section. Thanks for reading!

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